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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

For the love of .... Paper!

I don't know why, but I have this love for paper. The variety available is endless: card stock, tissue, handmade, linen, and so on. Where I really get blown away is the creativity people have with this material - I am in awe! Below are just a few examples of some talented "paper-crafters".

The Dilemma:

I do love paper, but I am a little afraid of wall paper... Not because of the way it looks, in fact it is coming back in style and with a bang! I am intimidated by the installation process! I need to install some wall paper in a guest bath.  People tell me just to hire a pro... but where is the fun in that!  I mean am the "weekend project girl" after all!

The Wall Paper Selected: Simple and Contemporary

Any suggestions to over-come this "fear" of wall paper installs? Would love to hear your thoughts!

I will have pictures from my latest wall paper install attempt for you to see soon.  The pattern I used was one the the three papers below... :)

                                 OPTION 1

                                          OPTION 2 

                                 OPTION 3

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