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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Grandeur with Emerald

This is a little post for all of the green lovers!  Let's face it... I'm one of them!  Emeralds, a silk dress and green leather - need I say more?!!!  This library is one of my favorite rooms of all time! 

Everyone  needs a little green in their life!  Use something bold like this amazing Diane Von Furstenburg rug or for the more neutral at heart use a small patterened pillow or just some flowers!  

Have a good one!

1.  Climbing Leopard Rug by Diane Von Furstenburg    2.  Image from here     3.  Kelley Dress by Jerri Moore    
4. Lettuce Flowers from The Knot    5.   Unknown Source     6. Anthropologie    7.  Image Diane Von Furstenburg's home 


  1. You are correct! I love the earrings and the entire post! That dresser is fantastic! You fell off the grid for a moment and I missed your posts! Now it's my week to fall off. I hope to be back at it next week!

  2. Glad you like them - I think they are gorgeous! There are some knock-off's online for $34 and $134 at the links below, if you are interested. I did fall out of it for a few weeks - but I"m back! Everyone needs a break for a minute but I look forward to you new posts :)



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