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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lead, Ink & Press

This weekends project: Letterpress! 

I have been waiting 2 years to take this class and finally got in!  It is held twice a year at the Museum of Printing History and a family wedding usually fell on the day of the class!  But I finally made it!  We learned traditional letterpress practice with typesetting, lead letters, proofing and then printing on a Kelsey table top.  It was a ton of fun and I learned something invaluable.  Letterpress is a true art form and I feel lucky to know how to do it.

 Ink up! 

Checking the set - Proofing.
The Proof.

The inked letters!

The finished cards are being cut now and then sent to me!  I will post them when I get them!

Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! There is nothing more satisfying the doing something, start to finish, with your hands! Love it.

  2. I completely agree! By the end of class my hands were covered with lead residue and I loved it! Felt like I had really been working on something great! Thanks for the post Allison!

  3. This is pretty cool WPG - letterpress is so amazing. It's the feel of the paper and the ink and seeing it all together!


  4. OH!!! I am so jealous! I had a printers tray growing up that I kept my collection of letters and miniatures in! I have to move to a bigger city! And I'm laughing at how much we think alike! I just finished a post for tomorrow that is about my favorite color-green! I like blue too, but I always go back to green! Too funny! And I haven't figured out how to respond to a comment and the actual person at the same time, but I told you why I chose "The Dream" over on my blog.

  5. Letter press is amazing! i would love to do a course!


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