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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinnerware ... A Conversation Starter?

Hi Everyone!

I believe there is nothing better than the details in life.  The party that has everything prepared and ready so the hostess can be with her guests instead of in the kitchen for example.  Or the little details spread throughout the house to tie the whole design together.  A perfect party wouldn't be complete with out some great dinnerware!  In my last post there was some interest in the whimsical tea set I photographed, so I decided to pull together a few favorites and just plain interesting pieces that will make a statement for any dinner party!

Pretty cool collection "Dressed for Dinner"!  Definitely a conversation starter!

You can find this cute little tea set here!

I love these glasses, they are even better in person - flawless and make the water (in the glass) look so crisp and refreshing.  
You can find them here in tons of colors!

I really love this scribbled black & white coffee set by Esther Coombs.  I don't know if this set is produced anymore, but there are some great pieces in her collection! 

These Diane von Furstenburg wine glasses are on my "to get" list, for sure!
 Diane von Furstenburg
This collection is by Marcel Wanders

This brilliantly designed asymmetrical tea set is called Five Senses Centuries by Barbara Schmidt & Andreas Meissner.

I mean - a city made out of plates and glasses - brilliant!  How much better could it get - not to mention my favorite part are the floor plans on the faces of the plates!
Can find it here or here.
Fantastic Idea!  Bowls by Obol.
You can find these cute everyday mugs here.

Spider Web Inspired (however I just like the geometric look) by Baita Design.

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  1. Oh wow - I especially love the whites!! I just love how talented and creative some people are.

  2. I completely agree! It's amazing how people are constantly thinking of new creative ideas! Thanks for the comment! :)

  3. These are all good! Thanks for the info on the tea set, I will go there next.


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