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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wax Is In!

While hanging out at the local art store, I stumbled across the encaustic supplies... I was like "hmm... melting wax, pouring it over a canvas? Sounds perfect!"  This was my first attempt and it won't be my last! I like this process and the outcome creates exactly what I"m looking for right now!  What do you think?  Ever worked with wax before? 

So the wax will dry within the edges 

I recommend a salon style wax melting pot



So it was supposed to go over the edges... guess I didn't have enough wax?  Plus, it dried SO fast!  That's ok, I kind of like the way it dried!  I'm still experimenting with this material...  more wax projects to come!

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-Weekend Project Girl


  1. Ok, that looks like a LOT of fun! Will the wax be the painting (is that what you would call it?) or will you carve into the wax? I've always wanted to caste glass, maybe wax would be an easier way to start. Post more pictures! And your garden looks very charming.

  2. You should try it! I was going to do multiple layers of different colors and then carve into it and melt and blend some areas. It was just a little more challenging than I expected so I will have to try it again! I will definitely post pictures! You should go for the cast glass project! Just research it and try it out! I don't know anything about cast glass...

    Thanks for your post!


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