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Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's Your Paint Style?

Benjamin Moore - Natura Zero VOC Paint 

TRY IT IN THE MATTE FINISH - It's kind of soothing...
I highly recommend this paint!  Not only is it the best because Benjamin Moore makes nothing but good quality paint, but it is also VOC free.  This is important for your health and your family's well-being.

Image via A Cup of Jo


Sherwin Williams - Cashmere   

While pricey - it really does glide on like "cashmere" and then looks beautiful.  I like it in the soothing cream color shown below!   

Image via Elle Decor

PPG Pittsburgh Paints  - SpeedLine Lacquer 

It was kind of difficult finding someone who sells lacquer paint.  Not only is it completely not "green" but it is extremely labor intensive.  You have to find someone who knows how to install lacquer, unless you want to give it a try yourself!  

Lacquer Painting in a Nutshell
1.  This is going to be one shiny wall... so the wall has to be PERFECTLY smooth.  I'm talking no bumps, dents, or imperfections of any kind.
2.  Apply primer
3.  Apply 1st coat of lacquer, let dry
4.  Sand wall lightly, clean wall
5.  Apply 2nd coat of lacquer, let dry
6.  Sand wall lightly, clean wall
7.  Apply 3rd coat of lacquer, let dry
And then you pretty much do 8-10 coats of lacquer and sanding... but the results are worth it!

Image via Coco Cozy

Image via Elle Decor

Image via Apartment Therapy

I really want to try out Milk paints and Clay paints! Let me know if you've ever used them!



  1. I'm hoping my next apartment is lenient about their decor rules because I would LOVE to try a lacquer wall.

  2. That would be so fun! What color would you want to try? If you get to (I'm sure you would post pics) I would love to see!


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