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Monday, October 3, 2011

Martha Mondays: Wrap It Up!

So... Martha Stewart will be the inspiration for my Monday posts!  Here we go: 


Time Spent: 20 minutes per gift

Style 1 Supplies                                                       Style 2 Supplies

Scissors                                                                   Scissors
Gift Wrapping Paper                                               Gift Wrapping Paper
Double Sided tape                                                  Double sided tape
String                                                                      Yarn
White Cardstock Paper 
Glue Gun 
Cutting Mat


Wrap the gift using double-sided tape.  Cut a one inch wide piece from the card stock sheet.  Cut as many pieces as necessary for the desired length and tape together.  Use tape to keep in place on box.  I scored the edges before taping each side to have a cleaner look.  Then add the string.  Wrap around the box, lay on top of the card stock.  Tie in a double knot and trim.  (Actually kind of tough to do...) Heat that glue gun!  Mark the destinations for the buttons, adhere to the string on top of the card stock.  Finished! 

Yarn Style

Wrap the gift using double-sided tape.  Apply a piece of double sided tape to the bottom of the gift.  Start the yarn on the edge of the tape.  Wrap yarn around box, until desired width has been met.  Cut a piece tiny piece of double-sided tape for the end of the yarn (make sure the tape is completely covered).  Continue using the same technique for the perpendicular yarn "stripe".  Beautiful!  

CUTE & Simple CARD 

I used a simple cream colored card and tied gray yarn around it.  
I added a bow for a finishing touch!

Look for more gift wrapping inspiration here!

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  1. Great wrapping! Do you offer wrapping services too?

  2. Thanks! If anyone would like gift wrapping services, I would be happy to do that! It is fun!


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